Location does matter: Working remotely to stay focused, productive and motivated!

Consider your workspace. Is it a place where you are able to concentrate away from distractions such as television, the refrigerator, or something at home that will pull your attention away from your task?

Location, location, location!

 A dedicated area is important when working from home. If you don’t have an office in your home, or an extra bedroom, then create a room divider to provide a dedicated workspace.  Along with the room divider, have a work bag for you to define the start for your workday (walk into you workspace, unpack, plug in and look at the daily tasks).

Allow for coffee / lunch breaks but be disciplined to get right back to your workspace. 

Working with a schedule to allow for a couple of breaks, lunch and quitting time will help you to be more productive. Use an electronic calendar and designate specific colors for appointments and set alarms for reminding when an appointment is to start and when you need to get back to work after lunch.

Scheduled appointments are easily kept, however scheduling time to work on projects and tasks is just as important and will help with staying on task. Treat this working time just as you would an appointment with a colleague or client and put this worktime in your calendar!   

At quitting time:

  • Clean up your space
  • Check your calendar for tomorrow’s events and tasks and be sure to leave clues on where to pick up next work time
  • If using a workbag, pack it up! This will signal quitting time.

Whatever routine you establish for your quitting time, know that by having a "Wrap up your Day" ritual, you'll signal your mind to shift gears to the next phase of your day and help boost your well-being!

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Special thanks for our guest blogger, Marla Regan, Productivity Specialist and Owner of Organized Time!  [email protected]


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