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2019 Celebrate Work from Home Champion Stories
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2019 Celebrate! Work from Home Champion Stories!

Thanks to everyone who shared their remote work champion story!


"Our champ helped us start our work from home program with the technology we needed to pull it off."



"I landed a remote job after 9 years career break. Thank you Time Doctor for this opportunity to work from home. I recently completed 3 years working remotely for Time Doctor and I am loving it!"




"My husband has been a champion of my work from home since I first started. He takes care of some of the household chores or makes dinner to give me time to work when I need to. He also appreciates when I need to go 'hide' in my office."




"My initial remote work champion went to bat for me with corporate leaders when my family moved and I wanted to continue working for the organization. There were no offices near my new home.

My champ worked to create a new remote work position for me and I was able to stay with the company for another 12 years, working remotely and continuing on my career path."




"My former boss was my real champion when I started on my own. He generously shared our office supplies, equipment, and even clients and gave me a great start!


"My husband is my remote work champion! He helped me find a good place in our home to work where I can spread out and it offers space to brainstorm. He's a great supporter of remote work!"


What's your remote champion story?

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